Agnes Hirdwall Reel 2018 YouTube play


UNKNOWN TERRITORIES / Lead / Två Ljus Film / dir. Johan Wiman

A LOST DAY / Lead / Kulturama, / dir. Kellie Werme

LIFE GOES ON / Lead / Kulturama / dir. Zagros Cetinkaya

IT COMES / Supporting Lead / iSparked Studios / dir. Neko Sparks

LITTLE BOY BLUE / Supporting Lead / Varg Prod / dir. Andreas Samuelsson

S-BOT / Supporting / BTH / dir.Emil Daniel

FANNY/ Supporting / Sthlms Film School / dir. Marcus Söderlund

OLD BASTARD / Supporting / Laithaus / dir. Pablo Fernandez

HOUSEWIFE ALIEN vs GAY ZOMBIE / Supporting / ZOOMbie Pictures / dir. Andreas Samuelsson

NO TEARS / Supporting / M2 Motlys / dir. Håkan Bjerking

SAED/ Supporting / Kulturama / dir. Ghaith Alderhally
HOLLOWAY SISTERS (pilot) / Lead / Pioneering State / dir. Sahar Amini

THE ARCHIPELAGO DOCTOR / Guest Star / SVT Drama / dir. Martin Asphaug

BULLEN / Guest Star / SVT Drama / dir. Marcus Andreasson

NURSES / Co-Star / TV4, BOB Film / dir. Tord Danielsson

BIRTHMARKED / Co-Star / SVT Drama / dir. Martin Asphaug

THE EMPEROR OF PORTUGALIA / Co-Star / SVT Drama / dir. Lars Molin


A TIME ON EARTH / Supporting / Stockholm City Theatre / dir. Leif Stinnerbom

HELL IS THE MEMORY THAT CAN'T BE CHANGED / Supporting / The Royal Dramatic Theatre / dir. Jonas Gardell

THE CATS / Supporting Lead / dir. Antonio Alonso

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS / Ensemble / Stockholm City Theatre / dir. Allan Svensson


Född: 1983
Längd: 160


2007- Executive producer, producer and field producer of a great number of Swedish reality television shows.
2009 Speak Up. Writer, director & producer. Premiered at the Annual Gothenburg Filmfestival.
2009 Christmas, Again – A Sparkling Musical About Anxiety. Director. The Rosenlund Theatre/Fat Cat Crew .
2008 Murder at Fat Cat Club. Director. The Rosenlund Theatre/Fat Cat Crew.
2008 Paperwalls. Writer, producer. Premiered at the Annual Gothenburg Filmfestival.
American English, British English, Eastern European, Swedish, German, French
Tae Kwon Do (certified Black Belt), Swing dancing, Jazz ballet dancing, Hip hop dancing
Drivers license


Acting Technique New York Film Academy, David Robinette Los Angeles

Comedy Improv New York Film Academy, Suzanne Kent Los Angeles

Scene study New York Film Academy, Phil Kaufmann Los Angeles

Acting for Film & Television Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts London

Performing Arts School South Latin Stockholm

Scene study Anita Ekström Stockholm

Vocal training The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Eva Feuer Stockholm