Sophia Katrin Matsdotter Ersson was born in Stockholm, Sweden 13 of May in 1980. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Her latest achievement as a film composer is feature film Girls Lost (Pojkarna), which world premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2015. It has been screened and awarded at many international filmfestivals since then. Trademarks: Electro, singer-songwriter and dreamy electronic music.

Kandidat årets bästa svenska soundtrack, redan nu: Pojkarna [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] av Sophia Ersson ♫ / Emma Gray Munthe Aftonbladet

"...Mood-wise, “Girls Lost” also sometimes suggests a distaff version of the Spielbergian adolescent-bonding movies from the “Goonies” era. (A synth score by Sophia Ersson, who sings some of the songs on the soundtrack, helps to set a retro vibe.)..." / Ben Kenigsberger Variety US

"...The opening sequence shows main character Kim (Tuva Jagell) being pursued through the woods while a moody John Carpenter-esque electronic score pounds away..."David Rooney The Hollywood reporter US

"...Keining puts a distinctive personal stamp on the material. She plays with the enduring fantasy tropes – body transformations, full moon iconography, magic gone wrong – to enthralling effect, with the aid of the film’s moody cinematography and an awesome soundtrack. Rarely have high school hallways seemed so ominous on screen..." Shane Slater Awards Circuit US

“...Their transformations bring positive things, but also complications… it’s very punk,” Baran says, “It features music from the likes of The Knife on the soundtrack, and is extremely compelling...” Adam Baran HBO New Fest

"...One of the keys to creating this fairy tale world in ordinary surrounds is the music. The score by Sophia Ersson is a real asset to GIRLS LOST creating a moody electro-pop vibe that beautifully enhances the experience. Surging and jumping in the emotionally tense moments, creating anxiety and unease when the three leads are in danger and guiding us through the transformation scenes with subtly shifting masculine and feminine tones. Watching this film without the sound would almost leave it feeling empty. The score somehow seems to fill the quiet moments and speak for the characters when it would otherwise feel like something is being left unsaid..." Kernel Kate saltypopcorn Australia

"I also loved the film’s soundtrack – the sparse, electronic beats of Sophia Ersson compound the film’s otherworldliness in the most intimate way, like sleeping in the womb of an alien."
Isobel Yeap, 4:3 US



Internationell långfilm i samproduktion med Sverige. Regi Alexandra-Thérése Keining

”Pojkarna/Girls Lost” 2016. Regi Alexandra Thérése Keining. Produktionsbolag: Göta Film. Längd 106 min.

”10” 2016. Regi Mathias Näslund.Produktionsbolag: Klevgränd produktion
Med:Stormvarning, Tomas Andersson Wij, Titiyo, Rebecka Thörnqvist mfl.
Längd 10 min.

Elegia 2012. Regi Alexandra Thérese Keining
Skådespelare: Sverrir Gudnason, Nina Zanjani. Längd 10 min
Svensk premiär Göteborgs filmefestival.
Internationell premiär: LA Filmfest

Babysister 2007. Regi Saga Gärde. Produktionsbolag:Dansk Skalle. Längd 11 min.
Skådespelare:Alexandra Dahlström och Cecilia Häll

Reklam/jinglar, övrigt:
- Artizan Magazine 2013. Produktionsbolag:Flashpoint Labs Australia
- "Kulturstrategi 2014" Beställare Malmö Stad. (4 st filmer) Produktionsbolag:Husarrest Sverige
- ”Farewell” 2016. Produktionsbolag: Stockholm Design Lab


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