2022, THE WOUNDED FAWN (Tribeca 2022), Lead, Shudder, Dir. Travis Stevens
2021, THE PLAYLIST, Yellow Bird, Supporting, Dir. Per-Olav Sørensen
2021, HJERSON, CMore, Supporting, B-Reel Films, Dir. Lisa James Larsson
2021 HONEYDEW (Tribeca 2021), Lead, Rubber Road Productions, Dir. Devereux Milburn
2021 THE BETA TEST (Tribeca 2021), Supporting, Vanishing Angle, Dir. Jim Cummings
2020 CENTIGRADE (IFC), Supporting, Manhattan Prod/Phiphen Pictures, Dir. Brendan Walsh
2020 LAPSIS (SXSW 2020), Supporting, Prod. Alex Peace, Dir. Noah Hutton
2020 TOP DOG, Season 1, recurring, Filmlance/ Dir. Molly Hartleb
2019 BEFORE WE DIE, Season 2, recurring, SVT/ C More, Dir. Kristian Petri
2019 MARELD, Lead, Nordic Film/Tribespider, Dir. Ove Valeskog
2018 SKYSCRAPER, Minor character, Legendary Pictures, Dir. Rawson Marshall Thurber
2017 BULL Season 1, Co-Star, CBS, Dir. Doug Aariniokoski
2017 FIRST LOVE, Supporting, Amazon Prime, Dir. Michael Masarof
2017 BUMBLD, Season 2, Guest actor, Amazon Prime/Dir. Amanda Bear
2017 THE BEATING HEART  CHRONICLES (FR), Recurring, Arsonist’s Films, Dir. Germain Le Carpentier
2016 MY CRAZY LOVE, Guest actor, Oxygen Network, Dir. Charlie Mysak
2016  HEDDA NEEDS HELP, Lead, Screenwriter Malin Barr/ Lisa Baron
2016 LILT (Best actress at LA Awards), Lead, Dir, Josiah Cuneo


CHICAGO MUSIKALEN, Hunyak, Columbia Artists Theatricals/Plan-B Ent
THE RESOLUTE, Clara, Wyoming Theatre Festival/DirRegi. Colleen Britt
LIFE LESSONS Lead, Manhattan Theatre Rep/ Dir. Visnja Clayton
TENTATIVE CITY READING, Elsie. Roundabout Theatre/ of Victor Lesniewski
THE LEGEND OF YAUNA Presenting dancer/singer, Dir. Maija Garcia, BAM Fisher
ARABERLIN, by Jalila Baccar, Lead, Dir. Rafael Mussa/Horizon Theatre Rep, NYTW
THE IMPOSSIBLE BOY READING, Cecilia, SATC/Dir. Giacomo Rocchini.
THE SHAKESPEARE PROJECT, Lead Dir. Isaac Byrne, Theatre 4 the people
SOLUTIONS GRASSROOTS Ensemble Dir. Josh Fox, WOW Theatre Company
THE BRIDE PROJECT, Ensemble, Celebration Barn Theatre/ Dir. Sina Heiss


BORN: 1988
Languages: Bilingual English/Swedish, French (Conversational)
Accents: American, British, Swedish, French, German, Russian, Australian
Sport: Professional dancer, Boxing, Gymnastics, Martial arts, Yoga, Running, Skiing
Music: Singer, Musical Theatre, Ukulele, Basic Piano.
2017 - Actors Award, Best actress in Drama, Lilt - Win
2017 - Feel the Reel International Film Festival, Best Actress, Lilt - Nominated
2017 - Top Indie Film Awards, Best Actress, Lilt - Nominated


National Diploma in Musical theatre/Acting, Laine Theatre Arts, London, UK
2 years Conservatory Meisner Acting och Meisner, New York Film Academy, NYC
Masterclass in front of camera-technique, Ted Sluberski, Bob Karakower, NYC
Advanced stage training (4 years), Scott Freeman, NYC
Advanced stage training, crash course, Michael Monks, Ivana Chubbuck Studios, LA
Impro comedy (8 weeks), Joanna Scrabis,  UCB, NYC



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